SYMPOSIUM. The 39th Sanskrit Traditions Symposium

Data evento: 2 June 2023 Indirizzo: Oxford (Trinity College) & online

The 39th Sanskrit Traditions Symposium

Registration is now open for The 39th Sanskrit Traditions Symposium, held in Oxford, at Trinity College, on Friday 2 June 2023, hosted by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. To register, please visit

Registration is free, but required. The papers will be pre-circulated to registered participants so that participants can read them before the seminar to ensure the best possible use of discussion time.

This year we’ll be discussing the following papers:

The concept of sukha in the ascetic traditions of Ancient India
Valters Negribs (EPHE / Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle)

The Significance Of Etymology In Early Modern Polemical Works Of Vedānta
Vinoth Murali (University of Cambridge)

The Textual Sanctification of Vārāṇasī
Olli-Pekka Littunen (Leiden University)

The fourth paper will be confirmed shortly.

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