SEMINAR. Mahābhārata and Classical Hinduism Seminar at the AAR

Data evento: 20 – 21 November 2021 Indirizzo: Online

Mahābhārata and Classical Hinduism Seminar at the AAR

This year, the American Academy of Religion’s Mahābhārata and Classical Hinduism Seminar will be held virtually this year. The schedule is below and all times are Central Standard Time (i.e. Texas time). If you would like access to the papers, which will be circulated in advance, please join our email list using this link:


AV20-434      Saturday, November, 20 5:00 PM-6:30 PM (Virtual)

Session:  Alf Hiltebeitel’s Legacy and the Literary-Critical Method

Bruce M. Sullivan, Northern Arizona University, Presiding

Brian Collins, Ohio University
“Epic” Scholarship: Reckoning with Alf Hiltebeitel’s Contributions to the Study of the Mahābhārata

Joydeep Bagchee, Independent Scholar
The Mahābhārata as Literature: Hiltebeitel’s “Literary Turn” at 20

Vishwa Adluri, Hunter College
Fathers and Sons: Deconstructing Paternity and Engendering Literature

AV21-416      Sunday, November 21, 5:00 PM-6:30 PM (Virtual) 

Session:  Multifarious Mahābhārata Methods
Arti Dhand, University of Toronto, Presiding

Sthaneshwar Timalsina, San Diego State University
The doctrine of vyakti or emergence in the Mahābhārata

Simon Winant, UGent
Redemption or Death: Jain Reinterpretations of the Slaying of Kīcaka

Andrzej Babkiewicz, University of Warsaw
Sacred, mundane and religious geography of the Mahābhārata

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