ONLINE COURSES. The Sanskrit Library 2023 Winter-Spring Courses

Data evento: Starting from 21 January 2023 Indirizzo: Online

The Sanskrit Library 2023 Winter-Spring Courses

The Sanskrit Library would like to announce its 2023 winter-spring semester courses in Sanskrit and Sanskrit literature on-line. Courses are of two types: continuing-education courses for casual learning consisting of ten one-hour lessons once a week for ten weeks, and university-equivalent courses which expect student homework consisting of several hours per week for fifteen weeks.

Professor Peter Scharf will teach two courses:

1. संक्षिप्तमहाभारतम् — The Mahābhārata in a nutshell, beginning 21 January.
2. माधवीयधातुवृत्ति — Sāyaṇa’s commentary on the Dhātupāṭha, beginning 22 January.

Assistant Professor Dr. Tanuja Ajotikar will teach three course:

1. A beginners course in Sanskrit using the भगवद्गीता, beginning 25 January.
2. A reading workshop on the रघुवंश सर्ग 2, starting 24 January.
3. An introduction to the Pāṇinian tradition as a casual learning course, beginning 28 January.

Further information about these courses is available on our Website at this link:

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