LECTURES. Ghent Center for Buddhist Studies Spring Lecture Series

Data evento: 9 March – 11 May 2021 Indirizzo: Online

Ghent Center for Buddhist Studies Spring Lecture Series

All the lectures of the upcoming Ghent Center for Buddhist Studies Spring Lecture Series (Permanent Training in Buddhist Studies (PTBS)) will be held remotely over Zoom. Interested parties are welcome to attend the series or individual talks.

The lectures start at 7:00 pm (CET), except the lecture by Pei-ying Lin which starts at 12:00 pm.

  • March 9: Anna Andreeva (Uni Heidelberg & Ghent University)
    “Buddhism and Women’s Health in Medieval Japan”
  • March 16: Matthew Orsborn (Oxford University)
    “Monastic Training and Education in Contemporary Taiwanese Buddhism.”
  • March 23: Lewis Doney (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
    “Incantations and Empire: A study of some Tibetan dhāraṇī texts from Dunhuang”
  • March 30: Matthew Milligan (Trinity University)
    “Economic Class in Early South Asian Buddhism: Perspectives from Epigraphy and the Divyāvadāna”
  • April 20: Lina Verchery (University of Otago)
    “The Personal and the Planetary: Cosmological Thought and the Moral Imagination in Everyday Chinese Buddhist Monastic Life”
  • April 30: Pei-ying Lin (Fu Jen Catholic University)
    “On the Materiality and Cultural Identity of the Tang Dynasty: East Asian Buddhist Networks behind a Royal Portrait” (this lecture is kindly sponsored by the National Taiwan Library)
  • May 4: Serena Saccone (Istituto Universitario Orientale, Napoli & IKGA, ÖAW)
    “One Flew Over the Nest: an Externalist Among Pramāṇavādins”
  • May 11: Ingo Strauch (University of Lausanne)
    “Newly discovered Śāradā documents from a private collection in the UK”

As each talk approaches, a brief abstract will be circulated beforehand with details. Registration is required to attend any talks. To register, please write to the following address expressing the date you would like to attend: CBS@ugent.be

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