INTERNATIONAL LECTURE SERIES. Sanskrit Language and Its Traditions

Data evento: 20 January – 28 April 2021 Indirizzo: Online

Sanskrit Language and Its Traditions: A Journey through its History and Contemporaneity
International Lecture Series

Indian Institute of Science Campus
Bangalore 560012, INDIA

TOPIC: “Sanskrit Language and Its Traditions: A Journey through its History and Contemporaneity”
An International Online Lecture series 20 January to 28 April 2021

HOW TO ATTEND: Please fill in this Google doc registration form and submit. (this form).
For registered participants we will send the complete schedule updates and details for the lecture series along with the Zoom link to attend the lectures. Attendance will be open only to registered participants.

LAST DATE TO REGISTER: 15 January 2021

DURATION: The series of 14 lectures starts on 20 January 2021, and thereafter every Wednesday (except 14 April) until 28 April 2021.

Online Platform: Facilitated via Zoom

SCHEDULE: Since this is an International Lecture series, the time for each lecture will vary according to the location of the Speaker. Please check the schedule for each lecture to know the specific time.

ABOUT THE LECTURE SERIES: This Lecture series will present 14 lectures with each lecture roughly of 2 hour duration including discussion and Q&A – on Sanskrit language and its traditions. The series will be free, with no course fees, considering the pandemic times, offered as a community service during these challenging phases of life, in sharing knowledge and scholarship. The Online lectures will be open to students, researchers and public around the world with focus on Sanskrit – its history, philosophy. socio-linguistics, semiotic and semantic interpretational frameworks, considering selections from different Sanskrit literature, poetry, arts, health, and other traditions. The Series will be extremely helpful to scholars and researchers from across disciplines to get a holistic view of the Sanskrit language and its various traditions. The lectures will be delivered by renowned scholars from across the world, and such a collection of engagements are intended to generate accurate information about its antiquity, contemporary relevance, and the beauty of Sanskrit as a language which is living. These set of lectures will be beneficial for students, Sanskrit lovers, lovers of our Darsana tradition, across the world to enjoy and benefit from, particularly during these pandemic times, when it is important to reflect upon contemplative traditions and philosophy of the ancient past of India towards bridging inclusive and interconnected spaces of existence and ecologies.

All lectures will be recorded and will be available for posterity through our NIAS CSP YouTube channel – Subscribe to our Channel and be Updated on all new Videos –

Speakers :Prof Madhav Deshpande, Prof David Shulman, Prof Patrick Olivelle, Prof Richard Salomon, Prof Dominik Wujastyk, Prof Diwakar Acharya, Prof Mark McClish, Prof Amba Kulkarni, Prof Stephen Philips & Prof Arindam Chakrabarti.

Lecture Series Concept and Design: Prof Sangeetha Menon
Series Coordinator: Niharika Sharma

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