INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. Wine Culture: Gandharan Crossroads

Data evento: 5 – 6 May 2023 Indirizzo: Ca’ Foscari University (Venice) & online

Wine Culture: Gandharan Crossroads

Wine Culture: Gandharan Crossroads is an international conference organised under the aegis of the MALIWI project (SPIN 2021) directed by Claudia Antonetti. The project collects evidence on winemaking and consumption in Gandhara – an important geographic and cultural junction between central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Starting from an interdisciplinary approach, it aims to trace the production techniques and the social and convivial uses of this extraordinary drink that is present in the history of man for millennia. Therefore, the conference brings together scholars interested in the study of wine and drinking culture in Gandhara and neighbouring areas: the topic will be analysed from different perspectives in three thematical sessions, since the sources involved will be not only literary and historical, but also linguistic, iconographic, archaeological, and anthropological.

Organizing Commettee: Claudia Antonetti, Bryan De Notariis, Marco Enrico

It will be possible to participate in the Conference via Zoom/Meet.

Programme and abstracts are available here:

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