IASS Professor Ram Karan Sharma Award

Canberra, Australia

Deadline: 30 September 2020

The application deadline for the the International Association of Sanskrit Studies ‘Professor Ram Karan Sharma Award’ has been extended to September 30, 2020. The winner of this Award will be announced at the 18th World Sanskrit Conference in Canberra, Australia, 18–22 January, 2021. The Award is valued at 1000 USD. Applications for the Ram Karan Sharma Award should be sent to Professor Deven Patel (devenp@sas.upenn.edu). The purpose of the Award is to recognize and support outstanding work in the field of Sanskrit and related studies done by a promising “young scholar” anywhere in the world, namely a scholar who is 25–30 years of age. The fields of study for the award will focus on areas for which Professor Sharma was well-known worldwide: preeminently Kāvya, but also including, among others, the fields of grammar, the epics, Āyurveda and metrics.

In the five years (2016–2021) previous to the 18th WSC applicants 1) shall have received a PhD and 2) shall have published journal articles and/or published a book in the area(s) mentioned above. Theses and publications in English only are eligible for consideration. The original announcement of the award is posted on the IASS web site at: http://www.sanskritassociation.org/images/pdf/Professor-Ram-Karan-Sharma-Award.pdf

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