WORKSHOP. Workshop in Early Epigraphy: The Brāhmī Script

Data evento: 20 – 24 agosto 2018 Indirizzo: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Workshop in Early Epigraphy: The Brāhmī Script

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA.
Aug 20-24, 2018

The Workshop in Early Epigraphy: The Brāhmī Script invites applications for participation in our intensive workshop on South Asia’s earliest inscriptions. Held at the University of Pennsylvania from August 20th to 24th, 2018, this workshop will introduce the Brāhmī script, inscriptional Prakrit, and the historiography of epigraphical evidence from South Asia. Beginning with the Aśokan inscriptions, this workshop will consist of three intensive sessions per day: the first on working with sites, inscriptions, photographs, and estampages; the second on the language of the Brāhmī corpus; and the third on situating these texts within the religious, social, and political history of Ancient South Asia.

The sessions will be facilitated by Jason Neelis (Wilfrid Laurier), Daud Ali (University of Pennsylvania), Deven Patel (University of Pennsylvania), and Luther Obrock (University of Toronto).

Course materials, lodging, lunch, and coffee and tea will be provided. Participants should cover their own travel to Philadelphia. Extra funding may be available to help defray travel costs. We especially invite graduate students and qualified advanced undergraduates. Participants should have intermediate Sanskrit ability at the time of the workshop.

Interested participants should send a brief statement of interest to Dr. Daud Ali ( or Luther Obrock (

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