SYMPOSIUM. Ancient Buddhist Meditation

Data evento: 6 novembre 2019 Indirizzo: Groningen

Ancient Buddhist Meditation:
Historical, Philosophical and Comparative Perspectives

6 November 2019
Faculty of Philosophy, room OMEGA
Oude Boteringestraat 52, 9717 GL

 Keynote Speaker: Prof. Rupert Gethin (Bristol)

Description: Meditation practices are a core component of ancient Indian Buddhism and an essential factor in the development of Buddhist philosophy as a whole. Ancient Buddhist meditation is naturally intertwined with key philosophical topics such as the nature of consciousness and qualia, the phenomenology of subjective experience, the nature of emotions, the self, causality, free will and the meaning of life. Today, scholars in cognitive psychology and neurosciences are actively engaged in exploring meditation practices as a promising field for raising new questions and develop new approaches about the nature of the mind-body relationship. At the same time, historians of Western philosophy and philosophers of religion begin to reappraise the importance of meditative traditions in the West and their impact on the shaping of philosophical debates of the past. This symposium focuses on ancient Indian Buddhist meditation practices as an interdisciplinary topic to bring together historical, philosophical and scientific research on the historical and conceptual implications of Buddhist meditation and its potential for comparative and global philosophy.

Attendance is free and all are welcome, especially students.

No financial assistance can be provided to support travel expenses and accommodation.

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