SUMMER SEMINAR. Classical Tamil Summer Seminar

Data evento: 2 – 12 settembre 2019 Indirizzo: Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Hamburg

Classical Tamil Summer Seminar

This year, unlike the preceding years, the CTSS (Classical Tamil Summer Seminar) will not take place in Pondicherry, but will take place in Hamburg, from 2nd to 13th September.

This will be an experiment not only with respect to the place: the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC) has just set up a programme for Summer/Winter Schools, and the CTSS will be the first to explore the new scheme: participants still have to pay for their travel (although there is a possibility of applying for financial support), but (simple) student accommodation will be provided by the organiser.

The overall plan is to have the CTSS mobile and alternating between several locations, namely, besides our beloved Pondy and the CSMC,
also, possibly, the Paris Centre of the University of Chicago.

The text chosen for advanced reading is one canto from the venerable /Cilappatikāram/, the first long Tamil epic poem of perhaps the 5th century.

We are, however, not going to follow the story line, but concentrate on canto XII, devoted to Koṟṟavai, the Tamil goddess of the battle field -– the only literary testimony of /devī/ worship in the whole of the first millennium and notoriously difficult.

Luckily it is accompanied not only by the old /arumpatavurai/, but also by the commentary of Aṭiyārkkunallār, and moreover some intriguing parallels are found both in the /Puṟanāṉūṟu/ and the /Puṟapporuḷ Vēṇpāmālai/.

This year there will not be a beginner’s group.

The details will very soon be found online on the page of the CSMC — please express your wish for participation by email before the end of May to:

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