SUMMER SCHOOL. Buddhist Texts Summer School

Data evento: 8 – 13 July 2019 Indirizzo: Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Buddhist Texts Summer School

The Life of the Buddha in Indian Texts: Approaching Pāli and Reading Sanskrit

The course aims to introduce students to the study of Buddhism through a direct approach to the literary Indian sources. As a first approach, what could be better than to start from the very beginning? The underlying theme of the course, indeed, will be the narrations of the life of the founder, that is the one who will be called by his followers with the epithet of Buddha “the Awakened One”.

The first days of the course are aimed at introducing students to the study and reading of the Pāli language, a Middle Indo-Aryan literary language closely related to pre-classical Sanskrit. The objective of the first preparatory linguistic and grammatical lessons, by Dr. Andrea Drocco and Dr. Bryan De Notariis respectively, is to enable students to get introduced to the reading of a Pāli text concerning the life of the Buddha. These readings will be held by Professor Rupert Gethin, an internationally renowned Indologist and a leading scholar in Buddhist studies of the University of Bristol. Finally, Professor Marco Franceschini will read some selected passages from the Padyacūḍāmaṇi “The crest jewel of verses”, a Sanskrit poem that narrates the life of the Buddha from conception to achievement of enlightenment.


  • Dr. Bryan De Notariis (University of Turin)
  • Dr. Andrea Drocco (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
  • Prof. Marco Franceschini (University of Bologna)
  • Prof. Rupert Gethin (University of Bristol, President of the Pali Text Society)

Deadline for application: 20 May 2019

Further information is available in the flyer.

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