COURSE. Lived Sanskrit Cultures in Varanasi

Data evento: 18 febbraio – 8 marzo 2019 Indirizzo: Varanasi, India

Lived Sanskrit Cultures in Varanasi

From February 18 to March 08 (2019) the Department “Cultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical Indology)” of Heidelberg University and the “Indology” department of Wuerzburg University offer the three week intensive course “Lived Sanskrit Cultures in Varanasi”.

This course is designed to impart a practice oriented training in methods of cultural and religious studies. Its aim is to complement and supplement the approaches of philology and textual studies. It is suitable for students registered in a bachelor or master level program in any University in the field of cultural and religious history of South Asia with special focus on Sanskrit studies.
Three broad areas will be covered during the course. These include (A) the lived cultures of Sanskrit learning (B) Rituals that are practiced in public or private spheres, and (C) Varanasi as a centre of pilgrimage. An essential part of the course would be to include gender perspectives in the study of all the areas mentioned above.

Applications for admission are invited by students registered in a university or other academic institutions. This course is suitable for students who are studying in B.A./M.A. or researchers working in these areas. It is open to students hailing from any part of the world (including India!). Knowledge of Sanskrit is mandatory (equivalent to at least 1 year of university level courses). In addition to it, working knowledge of Hindi is desired, although it is not a prerequisite for the course. Moreover, previous exposure with Varanasi or India is useful. For large parts of the course, participants will work in teams. Willingness and ability for team work is therefore an essential precondition.

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